Create a future for our children

Our mission is to inspire a lifelong love of learning.

Our courses


Saturday school

Kurdish language school for children 3-15 years

The Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test

Study before the The Swedish Scholastic Aptitude Test

Kurdish for adults

Take the opportunity and learn how to "read and write" in Kurdish

Homework help in math

Free math support for high school students

Tembûr û Govend

Lära dig tembûr och govend


Get involved and contribute to the children's future

Donate for the children's future

Donate to the foundation CAN

About the foundation CAN

THE FOUNDATION for Central Anatolian Kurds (CAN) was officially formed on March 24, 2002 by some 30 Kurds with roots from central Anatolia. The foundation is registered with the County Administrative Board in Stockholm.


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