1. The name of the Foundation shall be the Foundation for CAN (Central Anatolian Kurds).


The foundation is based on Stockholm.


  1. The purpose of the foundation is to promote the development of the Kurdish language and the culture of the Anatolian Kurds and strengthen their identity. The foundation shall work for integration.


  1. The foundation’s assets consist of the funds provided by the founders by appointing it 2002-02-16 transferred to the foundation.


  1. The Foundation shall conduct and promote activities consistent with its purpose. The foundation conducts its activities in projects or in special bodies run by the foundation or established through cooperation between the Foundation and other institutions, persons, companies and organizations. The foundation is non-profit but can conduct parts of its business in commercial forms.


  1. The Foundation’s activities shall be financed by
    • the capital contributed to the foundation at its inception,
    • what else may accrue through a supplement, will, gift or otherwise the foundation from the founders and other donors,
    • income that influences the foundation’s activities and
    • the return on the above capital.


  1. The foundation’s affairs are handled by a board with 5 ordinary and 2 deputies.

The first board is appointed by the founders at the formation. A new member is then appointed the board of directors on the recommendation of founders.

  1. The Board appoints a chairman and vice chairman from among its members and from within or outside other functionaries and working committees. The board hires and dismisses as required staff.
  2. The board meets at the invitation of the chairman or when at least one regular member requests it. The Board has a quorum when more than half of the members are present, among them the Chairman or, in the event of his resignation, the Deputy Chairman. Minutes shall be kept of the Board’s meetings.

Business and asset management, etc.

  1. The board is responsible for ensuring that the foundation’s activities are conducted in accordance with the foundation’s purpose and that the foundation’s assets are managed in a secure manner.

Annual meeting

  1. The board shall each year invite founders, partners and others who are interested in the foundation’s activities to a public meeting, the annual meeting.
  2. The annual meeting takes part in the foundation’s annual report and auditor’s report.
  3. The annual meeting may provide guiding advice to the board.

Decision rules

  1. Decisions are made by a simple majority, except in cases specified in section 14. In the event of an equal number of votes, the chairman has the casting vote.
  2. Amendments to these statutes require a unanimous decision by all ordinary board members or that a decision on such a change has been made by the board at two on successive meetings and that the decision at the later meeting is supported by at least ¾ by all ordinary board members.

Eligibility to represent the foundation

  1. The foundation’s name is signed by the board or the person or persons on the board appoints.

Accounting and auditing

  1. The foundation shall keep accounts in accordance with the provisions of the Accounting Act. The foundation’s financial year shall be a calendar year.
  2. The Foundation shall, for each financial year, prepare an annual report on the basis of the annual accounts. The annual report shall consist of the income statement and balance sheet as well as a management report.
  3. The foundation’s accounts and annual report as well as the board’s administration shall audited by an auditor. The auditor is appointed by the founders at the formation and thereafter by the annual meeting.
  4. The foundation shall submit the auditor’s annual report, accounts and other documents for review no later than four months after the end of the financial year.
  5. If the auditor so requests, the board shall be convened.


  1. The question of the dissolution of the foundation is dealt with in the same order as the question of amendment of the articles of association. In the event of liquidation, the remaining funds shall be transferred to an organization with comparable purpose or otherwise used for purposes that as closely as possible correspond to the purpose of the foundation.

Stockholm on 2002-03-24

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About the foundation CAN

THE FOUNDATION for Central Anatolian Kurds (CAN) was officially formed on March 24, 2002 by some 30 Kurds with roots from central Anatolia. The foundation is registered with the County Administrative Board in Stockholm.


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